Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Men Who Stare at Goats

A couple years ago I watched a George Clooney movie called The Men Who Stare at Goats. I couldn't stop laughing. At the movie, at myself, and at the thought of the US Military using psychic spies. The movie is a total a spoof. Oh, and its loosely based on a true story. Seriously! I can't remember what it was about exactly, or what kind of psychic powers these spies were supposed to have. It was a tongue in cheek account that poked fun at the whole enterprise. As per my last post, it's good to have a sense of humour. I really enjoyed it. 

Today I signed up for a class that touches on one of the military's experiments: Remote Viewing. This technique (or protocol, as the tutor calls it) can be used to tune into a different time or location, describe its contents, and then verify its contents. This was how the military tried to gain intel in the 70's. I wonder how accurate it can be. Hmm. The class starts in a couple weeks and I am really curious to see how it goes. Even with all I have seen and done the past few years, remote viewing still sounds unbelievable to me. 

Here's the Movie Trailer

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  1. now more than ever we need the Jedi!!! I love it!!

    1. LOL! We do - thought you might like this post from A State of Mind. Its inspired by Star Wars and the Jedi Knights lol. Nathan, the blogger/author, is also translating my book to Polish. I"m excited about that =)

  2. Here's a decent introductory article to the scientific proof for Remote Viewing. Enjoy!