Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Little Telepathy

Something funny happened a couple months ago and I forgot to mention it. My mom was visiting in London and we were meeting a friend for lunch. We agreed to meet at 12 o'clock sharp because my friend was on a short lunch break. The underground was running late and my mom was stuck underground at 10 past 12. My friend was also late and neither one of them could send a text because they were on the Underground. I was standing outside the  station waiting for either one of them to turn up, when I heard my mother's voice shout "I'm coming!" in a hurried voice. It was definitely her voice but when I turned to look, nobody was there. Or rather, only strangers were exiting the station. 

It was definitely her voice. 

For a second I thought I was crazy but then I just laughed. When she finally arrived she was really flustered. She apologised for being late and mentioned that she had been sending thoughts my way, telling me not to leave without her. She was really worried that she wouldn't find the restaurant.

It was a funny experience and I learned two things:

  • Telepathy does exist!!! And it is easier than sending an owl  =) 
  • I need to be more relaxed. Seriously. My mom shouldn't stress about getting to lunch on time. It's a holiday after all! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina

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