I am a self-confessed crystal junkie; these colorful stones have been a huge source of support and healing the past few years. 

My approach is loosely based on the angel intuition courses that I took at The College of Psychic Studies in London, asking stones for healing and meditative prompts.   
Crystals Help Us Channel Our Creative Side

Below you'll find a selection of crystal-themed posts, I will add new ones in the coming months:

Stay tuned! I hope to write about experiences with specific stones, like malachite, which found its way into my life after a five year wait! 

A Gift For You! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Download the first chapter of Chakra Healing & Magick to make the most of your own intuitive journey. The grounding tools in this first chapter open up a world of fun! 

Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Download an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

Image: Wassily Kandinsky 

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