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My 1st Psychic Development Class - 10 Years Ago!

In January of 2010, I signed up for my first clairvoyance workshop. Feeling curious but skeptical - would I be able to do any of the activities in the class description???

It was like stepping into another world!

That skepticism disappeared by lunchtime when we finished the first exercise. The teacher put us in pairs and guided us through a meditation where we each visited the place where the other student lived. 

We began by activating our Aura, and through it, our intuition. The teacher then asked a series of questions: do they live in a city, what do you see in the street, how far from the neighbors, what color is the building, do you walk right through the front door into their home or is it a journey? The questions continued - how many bedrooms, how are they decorated, what is in the fridge, what is the view like? How many people live there? Do they have pets? What type of music do they listen to, etc. 

When we came out of the meditation, the teacher told us to describe what we'd seen and the person would say YES to anything that was accurate. I went first and maybe a 1/3rd of the things I saw turned out to be right. The funny thing is I saw flashes of places I had been in real life - not the classmate's place specifically - but when I described my aunt's back yard and the view from her kitchen window, it matched his. I was able to say how many bedrooms they had, how the guest room was decorated, colors of the couch and where they had the violin (his wife, the teacher that day, was a musician though she hadn't told us what instrument she played). 

I was happy with what I saw but chalked a lot of it up to chance. Then my classmate started to describe the place where I lived. He was the teacher's husband and had been going to her workshops for years - everything he described was accurate. It blew me away. I had just moved to London, moved into a flat in a huge building with more than 900 apartments. He described the number of entrances to the building, how many stairs. Where the concierge was, and roughly how many doors I had to walk by to get to my place (more than 28). He told me what the neighbors cooked, which smells made it into the hallway and which ones annoyed me. 

When he described the apartment itself, he saw a one-bedroom apartment with no paintings on the wall. He told me what color the towels were in the bathroom, the color of the duvet on my bed and that I had a humongous closet - only a 1/3 full of clothes. He saw accurately that I didn't cook and had never turned on the oven (I didn't use it once the year that I lived there). The apartment was still bare as I had only been living in London a few months and it was a furnished flat with few decorations of my own. I was floored by his description; he didn't say anything that wasn't true. 

When this was over our teacher had us come back to the circle and list three things that we perceived accurately. I was relieved to name ten; she laughed because I was describing her house. Every student in the class was able to name five or more things, and she told us it was because we had begun the day with an hour-long energy meditation to quiet the mind and relax into our energy fields. The rest of the weekend was crazy; we went through dozens of exercises to work with clairvoyance but also the senses of touch, taste, feeling, hearing and just knowing. 

The teacher was visiting from Helsinki and I never saw her again, but I’ve followed her advice down to the letter. First - trust what comes to you intuitively and describe exactly what you see or feel. If we interpret what we see without describing it, we risk missing the mark and the person might have recognized that image. Second - we can all go on an 8-hour workshop and do amazing things. But if we want to access our intuition regularly, meditation has to become a daily practice. Our intuition speaks through the Aura and Chakras; we need to build those muscles slowly. I was so tired after this first class that I could barely make it to work for a week. 

Always ground, clear and shield your personal energy before connecting with Divine Light to make sure that any messages come from Source - whether we call it God, the Universe or Love. The College of Psychic Studies is in central London and I loved that the diversity of the students kept the vocabulary from following any one religion. We all connect with the same light to activate our sixth sense. It didn't matter if you were Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, atheist or a lapsed Catholic like myself. It was not about belief (other than in yourself) - because the proof was in the pudding. The visual was accurate or it wasn't; with time we would get better at clearing our energy and receiving visual messages. We also explored other clairs, not just clairvoyance. 

Later that year I signed up for weekly psychic development classes, and I started this blog in September 2010. These tools have taken energy healing to another level. You can go back to the beginning and read my posts HERE or follow the links below for Chakra Healing & Magick; learn to do all of this fun stuff yourself 💕💕💕

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Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angel intuition and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a healer at the School of Intuition & Healing UK. Her passion is bringing the qualities of self-love, joy and empowerment to healing pursuitsRead her books to heal yourself.  

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