Friday, February 22, 2013

Broken Locks, Lights and Fuses

I had a weird week. It all started when I ran into a neighbor. She cornered me on the stairs and started asking prying questions. Did I still have a job??? I left last month to publish my book but as we are not friendly I didnt want to go into details with her. When she has asked questions in the past, they seem harmless but then she used my good faith answers to cause problems at the building meetings. Last December she made a fuss, asking where the rental company found me and that you couldn't be too careful. 

I have been living there nearly three years and I have never given her or anyone else a reason to complain about me. No TV, no crazy parties and I don't smoke or drink either. Anyhooo, the past two years I have learned to avoid her questions because they always resurface at the oddest moments. So I closed the door, but was left feeling rattled and a little pissed. I think some of her energy rubbed off on me. I tried to clear myself at home but it didn't quite work. 

Things went haywire. 

The lock on my front door started getting stuck. It took me three whole minutes to unlock it and get out. Then it stopped turning. On Monday morning I switched on the light in the bathroom and blew a fuse.  Had to replace a few bulbs. The heater in my bathroom also went out and my landlord had to send in an electrician to fix it. He was booked for the. week and it took five days for him to come around. 

Anyhooo, I found myself getting mad when I walked past my neighbor's door and reacting in ways that I normally wouldn't. Pulled a few angel therapy cards and got "clear yourself" and "shield yourself." They have both been coming up repeatedly. Monday and Tuesday I was also super tired and sleeping loads. I started to think that some sort of unhappy vibe might have jumped from her to me. Odd. 

So I sat down and did a clearing meditation on myself with Archangel Michael's help. Asked him to take away any negative energies and then filled myself with light. That night when I went to bed I asked AA Michael, Raphael, and a few high power healing guides to heal me. Also gave myself some reiki before I zonked out. 

The next morning I woke up feeling fine. The lock on my door stopped getting stuck. I was surprised to see it turn on the first try. Still went to buy oil for the lock but it hasnt been a problem. And then this morning the electrician came by and he didn't have to fix the heater. It switched on when he flipped the switch. He kinda laughed at me and I was really puzzled lol. 

Oooh and I ran into my neighbor again amd she asked if I minded her questions and would I rather she just say "How you do?" I told her that would be better. Since then I have also been shielding myself more diligently as there have been a few other energies that needed clearing in the flat. 


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