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Homework on Mental Health

Dear Readers, 

We have a team assignment in class. The School has split us into several groups and we are meant to present back on how a healer would work with specific disease groups. I’m in the Mental Health team and I chose this one because I am very squeamish about working with clients who might have these illnesses. I am very logical and rational and I like working with people who are the same. If my client’s mind is not cooperating this makes me a little uneasy! Obviously there are a variety of mental health conditions, we are focusing on depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and dementia/psychosis. The presentation is next week and we have a couple days to fine tune it. 

Please have a read and come back to me with any comments or suggestions =)

The presentation will be structured in three sections: 

  1. Health and Safety / What to ask the Client
  2. What might these conditions mean on a deeper level? 
  3. What chakras or energy bodies to consider

Health & Safety 
I'm still waiting for this section to be sent through, our first thoughts were the following: 
  • What condition does the client have?
  • Are they on medication? Which one?
  • Are they seeing a doctor?
  • Are they or can they be violent? 
  • Do I need someone in the room? 

What can Mental Health Issues Mean on a Deeper Level

  • Louise Hay tells us that anger and fear are at the heart of every dis-ease in the human body.  If we feel powerless or afraid to make a necessary change, this can lead to feelings of anger and despair that manifest as depression. A client might also feel depressed if they have deep anger that they are unable to express. My intuition tells me this is the cause of many depressions. In cases where a client also has a chemical imbalance in the brain, I might question what came 1st: the repressed/fear anger or the chemical imbalance. Personally I [Geena], think the order is “repressed fear/anger” -> “chemical imbalance” ->  “Depression”     

According to Caroline Myss, depression can have wider consequences: 
  • Prolonged depression often precedes the onset of illness. In energetic terms depression is the release of  life force without consciousness - literally giving it away.   This leads to exhaustion and eventually illness, as it is hard to stay healthy when your energy is compromised.
  • Caroline Myss also says that a) our attitudes play a huge role in determining the health of our bodies. b) Depression affects our ability to heal and also diminishes our immune system. 
  • The dictionary defines Anxiety as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.  Also the desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease.
  • I think anxiety is linked to fear of the future, fear of the unknown or fear of not being in control. Our solar plexus causes the butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous, and it also warns us when something is about to go wrong. Anxiety is linked to irrational and subconscious fear.  I think it might be linked to the root chakra, as in our support centre and sense of safety in our communities. 
  • A client who is grounded and centered in their heart would not be anxious, as the feelings associated with anxiety are linked to the solar plexus. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe form of anxiety that comes about after a person has been in a very stressful, potentially life threatening situation. Soldiers who come back from battle often have PTSD. I think that energetically this is an exaggerated form of anxiety, coupled with adrenalin bursts,  and flashbacks. 
  • I had a high school teacher who served in the Vietnam War. There was an incident in class one day, a kid walked in carrying a chair above his head (upside down). The chair’s legs got stuck in a fan and went flying towards the blackboard at the front of the classroom. The teacher started screaming “under fire! hit the ground!” and dove under the desk. He had a flashback to the war, it was triggered by the sound of the chair hitting the fan, which sounded like gunfire to his mind. 
  • As a healer I would send light and healing energy to the memory and the traumas from the war (essentially time traveling the healing to the past), as well as working on the relevant chakras or subtle energy bodies in the present moment. My question to the community is: would you keep them grounded and in the present moment to prevent those breaks from reality? The present is safer than the wartime past. 
  • Fear of engaging with reality and potentially fear of being lonely or unimportant. This might be inferred from the delusions suffered by the client. 
  • Very delicate energy, careful if you do heal at all and always with doctor. I’ve heard two arguments here, with one you would send distant healing to the client without telling them (but always asking for permission from their higher self). The second school of thought recommends doing contact healing as these are more tangible and less likely to upset the client. 
  • Personally, I would not work with a client that has this condition now as I feel I am out of my depth. My logical mind also wants to understand the actual medical interpretation mental health issues before I engage. Maybe I see too many parallels between my own angel-spirit guide communications and the client? I am worried about a potential conflict of interest, how could I tell them my “spirit friends” are real and theirs are imagined? 
       I am afraid I might make their situation worse somehow ....  
- A refusal to deal with the world as it is, hopelessness and anger (Louise Hay) 

Chakras & Subtle Energy Bodies
When looking at what Chakras and Subtle bodies to work with when a client has a mental health issue, it is important to get as much information from the individual as possible because insights that they can give you can guide you in your way of working, but there are also particular chakras/subtle bodies that you might focus on with certain mental health issues. 
The Mental Health Spectrum is a large one, so for the purpose of this part of the presentation I will be looking at Depression, Psychosis, Anxiety and Schizophrenia.  I would also like to add that when we are working with clients who have mental health issues we need to be careful as the condition can become exaggerated, but I like to think that we won’t be given something we can’t handle! 

In all cases it is good to work at the base and concentrate on grounding the client.
Firstly I would like to look at Depression as it is one of the most common mental health problems suffered by many people in our society.
Depression is when the energy in the body is depressed, this can cause a client to lack enthusiasm and excitement, life can generally feel a bit of a chore.  There is an emotional conflict between the mind and the body. 
When working with a depressed client the chakras I would focus on are the base and heart.  Working with the base chakra will help to ground the client and to ensure they are fully in their body, it will also help them to feel secure.  The heart chakra connects the whole self, by balancing the heart chakra the others can be bought into balance.
I have also read that a deficient solar plexus chakra can be a sign of depression, this is where once again it is very important to focus healing where you feel it is needed, things can be very different for two separate clients.
I would also work on the emotional body, look at the flow of energy and also brushing away any blocks that were felt there.  
When dealing with a client who is suffering with a psychotic illness it is likely that they will have excessive upper chakras.  The excess in these chakras can cause the clients to hear voices, suffer with hallucinations and be deluded in their beliefs.  For this reason the chakras that would need most focus are the Brow and Crown.
The client would need to be grounded, a lack of grounding allows us to be in our upper chakras which in turn allows the client to break from reality.
People who suffer from anxiety tend to be caught up in their mind, grounding would be very important as would healing focused on the solar plexus chakra, the solar plexus may not be the chakra that is linked to the cause but is often the chakra that is affected by the anxiety.
A client with schizophrenia is likely to have a very delicate energy, they are disconnected from reality and therefore as said before you must be very careful if you choose to work with a schizophrenic.  
As with all healing, intention is key and we must always stay centered in the heart.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Hi ... Felt like I had to comment to clarify on one point =)

    I don't proactively tell my clients that I work with angels/guides, or that I can see them communicate with them. Wouldn't raise the topic with a client that has a mental health issue either, especially if their condition lends itself to seeing and hearing things that aren't there. How confusing would that be ...

    Thanks in advance for your comments =)


  2. WOW this is super eye-opening and informative!! Thank you! LOVE IT! Can I paraphrase your description of depression and illness connection on my blog? I had a lightbulb moment when you mentioned that...


    1. Hi Jasmin, Thanks for the comment! You can quote sections if you like, but please identify the sources of inspiration where applicable ... i.e. Louise Hay & Caroline Myss.

      Take care!


  3. mind body spirit are connected - no doubt. I think I might tell the client what I'm working with, of course this would be a case by case basis, each is so individual - ex. I think the chakra that we need to work with is...and give an explanation of the chakras...or let them know you are calling on guides etc....I do think some with a diagnosis of schizophrenia may at least partially be really speaking with spiritual or higher beings. If they come to you for a session, I think they are expecting this kind of healing.

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