Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being Completely There

Today was a day to learn a little bit more about myself. I am still very judgmental, although I'm not sure that is the right word for it. I'm prone to make judgments & calls based on the way I see things, and when I listen to someone talking about something that makes sense with my life, I project.

So a friend was talking about her boyfriend being a workaholic, monday-sunday, and not having more than a few evenings to spend with her. She also mentioned that her dad was an absentee father & husband because of the job, and not wanting that. Right there it sort of hit me, that's what I fear. Being an absentee parent and not being invested in family life. 

It hit me that I need to take more of an interest in the earthly things like life, love, relationships and friends. Spending so much time in the clouds and working on my personal growth is great, but my karma in this life is to be part of the world (that's really hard for me). So I guess my objective the next couple of months will be to "put my spirit in whatever I'm doing".  To be completely there.

If I'm working on healing, that 100% of the moment. If I'm having coffee with a friend I'm 100% there. I will also work on destroying and releasing images and channeling emotions, those are the things that keep me stuck in the past or in other locations. That will help me be present, it will help me connect, and it will help me learn to give accurate readings for myself and for others.

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