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UPDATE! As of October 2015, I am taking a break from the radio to focus on other projects. Hosting a weekly show was a real pleasure, especially interacting with callers, and I hope to do it again someday! 

A selection of show transcripts are available below, please click on the title to read the piece - thanks!

  • Grounding 101: The 1st in a series of Energy Basics. Grounding is a must for healers, intuitives and empaths. This show was inspired by Archive File: May 13th 2014  

  • Energy Clearing: Step two in our energy hygiene series and a basic for empaths and healers. Rid your energy field of stress, tension and emotions absorbed through personal interactions. May 20th 2014

  • Shield Yourself: Now that we've grounded and cleared ourselves, it's time to call on Archangel Michael for protection. Energy shields, visualisations and more, on A1R Psychic Radio: May 27th 2014 

  • Opening Up Meditation: A simple guided meditation to activate our energy field so that we can sense our angels and guides. Fifteen minutes of daily meditation are all we need. Archive File: June 3rd 2014

  • The Archangels Part 1: Here we discussed Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel & Uriel; known for protection, healing, communication abilities and spiritual guidance. Archive File: June 10rd 2014

  • The Archangels Part 2: Learn about the more magical, manifesting Archangels: Raziel the Keeper of Secrets, Haniel's lovely moon energy & Jophiel's sense of beauty.  June 17th 2014

  • What is Energy Healing?: Follow the link to read about Energy Healing, what Healers do, and what to expect from a session. Read my book on Self-Healing, Cancer & Love for more details: July 8th 2014 

  • Five Steps to Manifest Your Goals: Manifesting involves more than just vision boards and affirmations. It's about intuition, creativity and decisive action, too! August 12th 2014 

  • Eco-Friendly Businesses: How would our landscape change is businesses made decisions based on profit and environmentalism? Sep 9th 2014

  • Releasing Negativity: Three tools that we can use to release and/or deflect negative or stressful energy from our environment. Oct 21st 2014

  • Intuition vs Imagination: Three tools to help you differentiate between them, whether you're reading for yourself or someone else. Nov 4th 2014

  • Peace and Prosperity on Earth: If we're truly infinite beings, why do we choose to experience difficulty? Could things be different? Dec 2nd 2014

  • Showing Our True Colors: This is my story, how an anonymous blog on healing and psychic development evolved into a new career. The best is yet to come #reiki #healing Jan 27th 2015

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