Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How To Attract With Joy and Appreciation

Last year I gave an angel reading where manifesting goals and desires came up; specifically, how easy it seemed to be for the client's family to score tickets or freebies to see their favourite bands playing. When it came to other "wants," like a business venture taking off, the process was much slower. Why was that?

Why are some things easier to manifest? 

The message that came through was about the bliss we feel when we're at a concert. The experience is not a stepping stone to anything else, you just want to enjoy the moment. It is not a fancy purse or a car that will do X, Y or Z for you. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting a beautiful bag that we genuinely love ;-)

If we want to manifest other things with the same level of ease, we have to connect with the end goal and not the vehicle that may get us there. We can manifest our Heart's desires quicker than the Ego's wants because the Ego wants security and focuses on things that appear to offer security, whereas the Heart will sense joy and taps into it naturally. It should be effortless but often we get in our own way. 

Allowing vs Forcing Manifestations 

A few months  ago I signed up for a spiritual psychology class. My teacher Camila explained that the Universe responds to how we feel about situations. When we see something and think "oh I like that!" the Universe takes note. The more often we respond with appreciation, the clearer our signal. Every time we respond positively to an idea, we tell the Universe to bring it closer to us. Until poof!!! It comes about in the best possible way.     

I have a work in progress that I would like to share with you (a simple one, but music is magic, and I love listening to my favorite songs). There are two recording artists who for the past 15 or so years have been the soundtrack to my life - one I have seen in concert and the others I have never been able to catch. Whenever they are in town (and it seems like they are always touring), either I am not there, or something is going on, or it sells out, etc etc etc. 

I hear their songs and think "it would be great to see them live!" Then last week, one of my friends from college was visiting from out of town. Her brother is a concert promoter, and apparently, he is going to organize one of their concerts soon!!! Yay!!! It is not a done deal, nor is it anywhere near home, but I can't think of a better place for me to finally go to a concert - and with good friends!!! So voila, it hasn't happened yet, but is showing signs of life. =) 

To recap, the key is to respond with a joyful "I love that!" when we come across anything that we'd like to have in our lives. Whether it is a new purse, a new relationship, a promotion at work, a solid group of friends or even a house on a specific street (this is how I found my flat in Notting Hill years ago...) 

Why Envy Has The Opposite Effect 

If instead, we respond with envy to the world around us, that unhappy and slightly bitter feeling sends mixed signals to the Universe. The Universe isn't a psychologist who thinks "she responds with irritation but deep down, wants it, so I'll give it to her." Instead, the Universe registers envy as an unhappy feeling that arises in response to X, Y or Z. To help us, it pushes the object away from us so that we can be at peace. Not helpful at all is it??? 

There is a great book by Karla McLaren on the language of our emotions {link}. Envy is a tricky one because it shows us what we think we can't have (hence the envious response), whilst repelling the object of our desires. I really believe that the Universe can fulfil all of our needs if we give it time and space to do so, on its terms. The trick is to heal the source of that envy, knowing that we too can shine; eventually feel joy and appreciation for others. The more we celebrate others, the better of we are. 

Some Musical Inspiration! 

With this in mind, here's a link to one of my favourite performances by Coldplay; they are awesome but so is the crowd! Watch it and connect with the feeling =) And follow the link for a post on 10 Ways to Bring More Joy Into Your Life, HERE.  

Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Download an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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