Sunday, 9 July 2017

Love, Luck, Joy and Abundance - Need More?

Hello Chickpeas! 

I am a geek when it comes to meditation and a few weeks ago I discovered an energy healing channel on Youtube that is so cool, I have come back to it almost every day.

But first, let's rewind the clock to 2013 when I signed up for a creative writing class called the Tao of Writing, led by British author and healer, Steve Nobel. During his welcome speech, Steve mentioned having been the head of a healing center called Alternatives, in London. 

He had just left Alternatives and if I remember correctly, he was writing books and looking for his next move. Since then, Steve created a website called The Soul Matrix which is pretty awesome, full of resources for healers, starseeds and Atlantis fans. 

A few weeks ago someone shared a meditation of his on Facebook. Steve calls them transmissions, as the point is to download energy to your physical body and Aura. Each of these is like going to an energy healer for a  full one hour session - amazing! 

They are fantastic and today I am sharing some of my favourites. I like to do the meditations lying down on a rug so that I don't fall asleep =) Below you'll find a list of my favourites, so far! 

Awaken Your Inner Magician

OK so I was clearly drawn to the title when I saw this one on YouTube. Add to that the fact that my latest book is about awakening your inner magician, psychic and Healer - I couldn't resist! This video in particular is a great complement for those of you who are still working your way through my Chakra Healing & Magick book (details here)

Atlantis & Ancient Egypt

These meditations are meant to connect us to the golden period in Atlantis - whether you believe it was an actual place that ceased to exist, or a myth that we can connect to if we want to learn about the potential humanity has for growth but also for decay. In the first one, Steve leads us on a journey to connect to the Brotherhood of Light, as he calls the priesthood that is said to have been active in Atlantean times. In the second we connect with the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess Aset to clear and heal any traumas from this lifetime. 

Listen to these if you feel drawn to Atlantis or Ancient Egypt and would like to connect with the energy that it carried for you. 

Connect With The Sun

We all love a day at the beach or summertime because it feels good to have the warmth of the Sun on our skin. It make you feel like you are on holidays even if its just one afternoon. That is what this meditation is like, to the millionth degree. Also, I am including this one because my Mom really liked it and she isn't the kind to do an hour long meditation. I think I might have come back to it twice too. 

A small warning: Your pets might be scared, my dog hid under the furniture the whole time. 

Radiant Abundance/Love

This one I loved but I decided to leave it to the end on this list, as the other ones helped me prepare for it: namely the Angelic Fire Meditation where we connect with several archangels and clear all of our 12 chakras, Great Central Sun transmission mentioned above and a fantastic one on Clearing and Healing Ancestral Lines that can help us release family karma, patterns and fears. The Ancestral one was very powerful for me, but I think meditations resonate more when the shoe fits. (OK so I cheated and snuck in a few extra videos...)
Basically what this meditation does is clear and balance our relationship with what Steve Calls 3D structures like education, money, taboos, and anything that we think we 'should' do, so that we can move to a Heart Centered place of joy, while drawing on the Earth's energy for sustenance. It was a really lovely meditation and I felt my Heart Chakra open up with this one - I would really recommend it. Might do it again tomorrow as it feels fabulous... =) 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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