Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Answering "Yes or No" Questions with Tarot

Today I'd like to discuss Tarot and how we can use the cards to answer YES/NO questions. The technique is new to me and it's been very helpful so far. Try it out, and please remember that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes onlyHave fun with it, but don't bet your life or your savings on the answers! 

  • Clear & Protect Yourself: As with any reading, start by grounding, clearing and protecting your energy and the space that you'll be working in. You can do this with a short breathing meditation. Bring your attention to the ground under your feet, feel the weight of your body against the chair and let that focus ground you and connect you to the earth. Next, you are going to visualise a bubble of protective light around your body. This clears and protects the space for you to work in, as well as the cards.   
  • Think of the Question: Shuffle your tarot cards and think of a question. The way you formulate the question matters, so be specific, be clear and intend for your Highest Good to come through in the answers. It helps to write the question down to be sure we're clear on the phrasing as well. 
  • Set Your Intention: Most of the cards in tarot deck have numbers on them, whether it's the Two of Wands or one of the Major Arcana. Set the intention for odd numbers to signal YES, even numbers to signal NO. Court cards MAYBE. If we get a court card, we can pull an extra one for clarity. 
  • Interpret the Card: The number will give you a feeling about this, whether the answer is leaning towards Yes or No. The images on the tarot card, any descriptions, or any emotions felt can clarify the issue. In this way, the guidance may take the form of a "Yes, but ... you need a new approach"  

Let's say we are asking about a move to a new house. Is it a good idea? We shuffle the tarot cards and pull the Five of Swords. Five is an odd number, signalling yes. The suit of Swords is about reasoning, mental dexterity and planning, which indicates yes, but you may need to rethink the details. The Five of Swords is also about plans that need revisiting. Make sure you've taken everything and everyone into account, read the fine print, etc. The house move is promising, but there are still details that need to be considered carefully. If you'd like, you can also pull extra tarot cards for clarification. Especially if one of the court cards comes up (page, knight, queen or king), indicating a bit of a grey area in the reading. In those cases we might have to wait, or work at it. 

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