Friday, October 5, 2012

Is Fiction Writing in My Future?

My Angel Readings class has morphed into an Ascended Masters and Archangel class.  In a few weeks, we're supposed to give a presentation on two Ascended Masters, focusing on how we experience them and what they help us with.  I'm going to choose Jesus and Isis. The 1st one I’m comfortable with, having been raised Catholic. The latter I've been holding at a distance for years, and now my curiosity bubbling over. I thought they had to be mutually exclusive, Isis being pagan and Jesus being Jesus. It makes sense that I would have a connection to both, as they are both healers. So far I've only sensed Isis's presence in healings where the client was female, and either suffering from PMS or battling breast cancer. I get the feeling that she is there to help women love being women, and to help them be healthy women. 

My 1st encounter with Isis was actually in a museum two years ago. The Anthropology Museum in Mexico had an exhibition on the Isis-Osiris myth, and how it paralleled Aztec myths. For some reason the Aztec side of the story failed to capture my attention, and the Egyptian side intrigued me. The videos, statues and museography just came alive. Since then I've had a few glimpses, but I always pushed them out of my mind. My attitude started to change when I bought a Magical Reiki book a few weeks ago. I'm really enjoying the book. The book makes it seem more ritualistic, though it might be the author's take on Reiki. I think I might sign up for a Reiki I and II class, to see what it’s all about. This is something that I might want to write about, rather than practice. 

Whenever I think of Isis, my mind goes to fiction writing and short stories. I think there's a fiction book waiting for me to write it. Apparently I used to talk about this a lot in college. I don't remember mentioning it, but my friends do.  A couple years ago I channeled a short story about a teenage witch. I hadn't really heard of healing back then (other than watching Heroes). My main character spontaneously healed someone, and I was shocked when the story went in that direction. I think I might write another short story and see what happens. When am I going to have time to do all this? Good question! 

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