Monday, February 6, 2012

Football Fanatics and a little Tree Healing

Last night I did my best to stay up late watching the Superbowl. I finally crashed during the half-time show. I LUV LUV Madonna, just like that song says but if I could choose between an extra 30 minutes of game time and "Like a Prayer" I would go for the game time. One of the things I miss most from my Mexico days was being in an NFL friendly time zone. Yesterday was my 1st game in 2-3 years! London's timezone isn't NFL compatible.

The last game I remember watching was the Giants-Pats Superbowl in Phoenix. Actually had tix and watched it LIVE so that is one I will not be forgetting anytime soon! Still have my ticket at home LOL. I was rooting for the Giants and not looking forward to watching thePats be crowned after an un-defeated season. I cheered for Giants like crazy, especially when Brady got sacked. That made me feel bad for the poor guy when he had to speak after losing the game. After all they are all human and it hurts to lose - especially after all that hype.In the heat of the moment I wasn't too considerate though and cheered on when he got sacked. The guys from work were Pats fans and they didn't enjoy the game as much as I did. It was really cool to watch the Giants steal the Superbowl.

When the next football season rolled around, I'd quit my job to go travelling and I missed most games. Since then I have been totally disconnected from football (american), and just happened to see a note online about the Superbowl. I hadn't realized it was meant to happen yesterday, and when I saw the teams playing I got really excited again. Unfortunately the game wasn't going to start until11.30 pm London time, and I have been so tired the past few weeks that my eye keeps twitching. My body needed sleep but I wanted to watch the game so I soldiered on for an hour and a half before I finally passed out. 

This morning I was exhausted at work. Made sure to pickup a Chai Tea Latte at Cafe Nero's on my way to the train station as well as a 750ml of water. Also had a light breakfast, but not much as I just managed to get ready on time.  By 10 am I was sitting in a meeting feeling totally drained and sleepy. If it hadn't been for the Superbowl it wouldn't have been worth it (and I'm not sure it was because I fell asleep and missed the Giants victory).  

So how is this relevant to a healing blog? I was sitting in that meeting staring out the window at the parking lot, by now the fallen leaves are gone and the trees were completely bare. There are a dozen trees close to the building and one just a few metres from our window. Somehow winter trees always seem devoid of energy, but this one had a nice little aura and I could almost feel it reaching out to me.  A friend of mine told me a trees roots are usually as deep as it is high, and if that was true this trees roots were probably spreading under the building.I started to focus on my grounding and visualised roots coming out of my feet, going into the earth and wrapping around the trees' roots. I asked it to take my tiredness and give me energy, and soon enough I started to feel prickly sensations on the bottoms of my feet. After a little while I started to perk up again and recover some of my energy.

It was really nice, for once I was finally aware of the power mother nature has even in the dead of winter. The leaves are gone but the trees and plants are still alive and can still be of use to us (and vice versa).I'm also aware that I need to take my pace down a notch but I'm still undecided about what I can drop from my life.  Trying to do too much isn't helping me, I'm really looking forward to having a month off from healing school in April (more than anything its the healings every other night that are becoming a bit too much). I can only imagine that the last term will be more intense and I am planning on finding a part time job that will give me more time for healing,writing, etc.  Or at least a full time job in London so that I don't have to commute for 2 hours every day.  

There are a dozen logical (fear based) reasons to stay put, and  two big ones to make a change. As my weekend tarot reading told me, it's time to quit fooling myself and get on with my life's purpose! LOL 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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